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"The Gazers" Exhibition at Queen Gallery


Our story begins when we are born. We are like caterpillars hiding in our private space, looking for an opportunity to leave our comfort zone and open our wings; and then fly. By the time we are butterflies, we cannot go back to our previous home anymore. We are not caterpillars anymore. We are new people in a new stage of our lives…


This is the story of us, going through a variety of stages in life, experiencing different situations, meeting new people, changing jobs, immigrating to new states or countries, finding the people we love, losing them, and all and all and all create the people we are now.


In this collection of works, I start writing people’s stories using my Calligraphy pen. I write, write and write until my words sometimes fade away or turns into repetition of one word or alphabet. Then, I paint all my canvas and cover all the stories with lots of paints. Later, I start washing away and removing some paints by writing again and again. And I repeat this over and over again. What I am trying to show on my canvases is the fact that each person has a story to tell while she’s gone through different stages of her life. But at the end of the day, she decides what stories to keep and what stories to forget. However, they are some happenings always remained with us, in our life; no matter how good or bad, they have made us the person we are now. They are gazers. We carry them within us wherever we go. We carry our experiences, our memories, our good happenings, our sad stories, our challenges, gloominess, lights and everything we have gained or lost in life within us. They are gazing at us everywhere… They are accompanying us…


Artsist Talk at Queen Gallery, Sep 2022

Artsist Talk at Queen Gallery, Sep 2022

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