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The White Cave

Sound & Video -Installation 

You can watch some scenes of the installation project here:


“The White Cave”
A Sound & Video-Installation by Elsa Hashemi


….Having a long day filled with a variety of feelings and emotions, we all go back
to our ‘White Cave‘ which is the last and the most intimate place to finish the
day... No matter how joyful, sad, confused, overwhelmed or excited we have been
during the day, we share them all with our safest place…
Every morning, with dawn, we are all up to make our way;
We dress, we eat; we move our fingers and feet;
We weep and laugh; We sweat and swear;
We listen to songs and noises; We hear the sounds and voices;
We learn a bit, and read a lot;
We blame our enemies, and praise our friends;
We hug our loved ones, and touch nature;
But at night, it is our bed awaiting for us...
We share the same thoughts...
Squeezing, embracing, biting, dancing, crying in our White Cave and letting loose
our hopes together...


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